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We’ve got Calhoun covered.

Calhoun is a family-owned company who engineers customized fabric buildings for a range of industries and applications. Our work included a strategic re-brand and extensive digital marketing campaign that brought amazing results.


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We had this small town Ontario company align their business strategy with their brand promise. How? We focused on their dealer distribution model and identified where their biggest opportunities were in North America. We spoke to large commercial customers who understand high tech and good value, using a voice that was on message and meaningfully differentiated Calhoun from the competition.

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The Rhinos helped double Calhoun’s fabric structure sales in 3 years and grow their existing dealer network across North America. We delivered in spades with dramatic results: doubling year-over-year lead generation, lowering lead generation cost by 93%, and improving the quality of leads across the board.

Increase in leads

From 15 leads a month to over 30.

Decrease in lead
generation cost.

From $250 per lead to under $100.

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Calhoun Tactics Building

“You have an intelligent, creative, and passionate team and you have played a vital part in enhancing our business. We are thrilled with our new brand and increase in leads because of your efforts. So thank you for a great 2015! We are looking forward to seeing our business grow in the coming year, just as our branding has.”

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