We are the Rhinos

  • We are
    26 years young

  • We are
    30+ Rhinos strong

  • We are
    In Canada & the U.S.

We believe in

  • Emotional branding.
  • Mobile technology.
  • Measurable results.
  • Happy clients.

Being a digital agency
is not enough.

Of course, we’re digital. It’s all about multi-device marketing that allows for direct and personal connections. From here you can collect data, measure, refine, learn and interact with your customers in ways you never have before. With all of this technology, data and excitement, it’s easy to get distracted. Digital is not a strategy. It’s how you use the technology and tools that make the difference between good and great results.

Project or campaign, we always start with your brand.

We use emotional branding practices, data-driven insights, technology and talent to craft integrated communications plans and projects that outperform, and we can prove it.

People first.

Brands are like people: we relate to them. They show up where we are. We trust the ones that are familiar and consistent. And some of them are so super cool that we want to be near them and emulate them. These are the brands that stand apart. They know why they exist. They have a purpose. They inspire us.

How always comes before what.


1 Learn

Facilitated discovery workshops. Research to learn and validate assumptions. Digital audit. Listen.

2 Strategize

Distill the learning. Define the goals and direction. Positioning. Big Ideas. Brand Playbook.

3 Plan

Support the strategy and define the communications roadmap. Integrated. Multichannel.

4 Design

Beautiful communications that are consistent across tactics. Online. Offline. Mobile. Experiential.

5 Develop

Creativity and code combined to build beautiful experiences. Apps. Mobile. Software. Web.

6 Analyze

Measure. Learn. Refine. Use data to build deeper insights and improvements.

This is what we make.


  • Writing
  • Web Apps
  • Video
  • Development
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Integrated Plans
  • Native Apps
  • Campaigns
  • Package Design
  • Social Media Plans
  • Website Design
  • Branding Workshops
  • PPT Presentations
  • Content Marketing

30+ Rhinos
One multi-disciplinary team

RedWino Enthusiasts
Mobile Strategists
Social Media Strategists

RedRhino & RhinoActive Staffers

Android Developers
Digital Analysts
Account Coordinators

RedRhino & RhinoActive Staffers

Burrito Lovers
iOS Developers
Account Strategists
Production Manager

Financial Manager
UI Designers
Creative Thinkers
Craft Beer Enthusiasts
UX Experts

RedRhino & RhinoActive Staffers
RedRhino & RhinoActive Staffers