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Running together to celebrate a golden anniversary.

The organizers of the BMW Dallas Marathon Festival, a staple on the city’s calendar for half a century, had high hopes for 2021’s 50th anniversary: they wanted to make it their biggest celebration ever.

A key part of that strategy was to bring back as many previous runners as possible to take part in the event, but how do you re-engage past runners to return while ensuring current participants stay up to date on the latest news around the race? The answer: highly targeted email marketing.

Tasked to maximize runner retention, the Rhinos went to work first by analyzing and segmenting five years of previous registration data to extract insights and purchase behaviour patterns. Then, utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud in partnership with Race Roster, the team created and delivered highly segmented email campaigns with unique personalization and messaging, guaranteeing to not only speak to the right runner at the right time, but speak to them in a way that was personally meaningful and drove buying action.

Creative strategy
with meaningful results.

The results of the campaign speak for themselves. Using advanced approaches to dynamic email content, we saw a 53% increase in revenue over traditional static content and the 50th anniversary of the BMW Dallas Marathon Festival was a weekend organizers and participants alike won’t forget.

revenue over
static content