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Developing e-commerce websites designed to deliver.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting the open road with a surprise destination awaiting you. 

That’s what Guess Where Trips delivers to its adventurous customers but doing so successfully means delivering a digital shopping experience as innovative as its unique concept. That’s why the founder of Guess Where Trips, an online travel service that plans one-day road trips across Canada for amateur adventurers, engaged the Rhinos to design and develop a new website.


made easy.

As an online business with all trip packages purchased through e-commerce, Guess Where Trips needed a website that was functional and flexible for all its visitors and their variety of needs. From essential e-commerce trip planning and booking to physical gift card purchases, online gift certificates and merchandise purchase, we delivered an online destination that has propelled Guess Where Trips from a small startup to a full-fledged business.

Our work set the stage for Guess Where Trips to go viral and handle an unexpected increase in transactions of over 1,200% in a single day due to a social media surge.

The relationship we developed with Guess Where Trips through the successful launch of the new website quickly evolved into a full partnership, which included a rebrand for the business and a redesign of all the company’s print materials.

Today, our engagement continues with Guess Where Trips continuing to scale the business and its digital presence through paid social and digital ads, as well as search engine optimization work.

transaction increase
in a single day